I have come full circle. The division has receded. Opposites have reconciled. I have discovered the missing links and I can see the Big Picture now. The blissful union of opposite forces has borne fresh fruit and a whole new world has been given birth.

I have discovered a new way of looking at things, a new Branch of Wisdom. . I have found a WAY in every WHY, an Entrance into a world that transcends reason. I can see the Low tide and the High Tide and the in-between. I can see that there is value in scarcity, and danger in abundance. I can see that just as WHY looks backwards for reasons, and WAY looks in front of us for the right path, the past and the future are eternally linked and connected in the moment of NOW.

I can see that just as the branches of a tree seek light in the heavens, so too do the roots seek norishment in the dark secrets of the soil, beneath the surface

I can see so much meaning - staring at us in our faces. I am able to read between these lines. I have divined unimaginable hidden treasures .The War is over, the walls have been knocked down. I can see my Branch of Wisdom, emblazoned on the new flag, flying proudly above the Rainbow Nation. I have sought and I have found. My Quest has been answered. The individuation is complete. I have a VISION of the DIVINE and I can connect to God. Even when the tide is unusually low, I KNOW the WAY