I suppose it was inevitable that there would eventually be an earthquake - an almighty split between the opposing forces. I tried as long as I could to hold it together. I filled my empty spirit with Whiskey. I attempted to glue my fractured world together with marijuana. But deep in my troubled subconscious even greater division lurked - the war between Good and Evil - that eternal struggle fed into our childlike minds.

And then one night in March 1984 - it happened: The split occurred. It was a Friday night and we'd had a joint or two, but I got more than stoned. I entered a TRANCE, some place I had never been before. I left my body - lying on the backseat of the car, and when I looked down there were two of me - a black self and a white self - lying head to toe with each other. I felt an incredible power, as if I had been TOUCHED by the DIVINE.

When I woke the next morning the whole world looked different. Suddenly I saw things I had never seen before, multiple coincidences and links between things. Strange patterns and hidden meanings, an almighty WEB of interconnectedness. Words and letters took on a whole new life. They too seemed to have special links and coincided in profound double-edged puns connecting different meanings with the same acoustic knots. The knots got tangled, meanings became muddled, and I slipped into my own "forked tongue" reality where what was said, and what was meant became increasingly unhinged from each other. Things started to fall apart. In this OTHER WORLD there were always two sides to a story and from where I stood I could see them both - I had discovered SECOND SIGHT.

But there was an evil twist to this new ambivalence. "White men speak with forked tongues," the Apache Indians had said. So did serpents. Was it not the serpent that had led us all up the garden path to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Is this not the same bush that we are still beating around?

Nobody else could see these new things that I now saw. I was still in the army at the time. I told them I was a prophet and that we should prepare for a RAINBOW NATION, Undivided my brothers.... When I shared my Revelations with them - they got scared. They put me in hospital and forced psychiatric drugs into me. But still, I looked out of the window and a neon sign blared into the night sky. " BLUE WATERS" it said, but it was actually white. Not one of them could see it. I had seen the light.

Only the devils and demons could see it, the ones that had started chasing me around the Ward. Recurring nightmares, recurring fractions, persecution. "Paranoid Schizophrenia" they said in their wicked way. I tried to bolt from this newfound Hell, running out the gates and down the road in my Technicolor dreamcoat waving my Bible in the air, but armed guards appeared with automatic rifles.

The war raged on between demons and angels. "Only one way to cure it", they said: " Shock Treatment". There were to be six sessions and then six sessions and a final six. Burned into my head.

A day before the onslaught began; I went to see the Head Psychiatrist at the far end of the hospital. On his desk lay a beautiful branch of driftwood - perfectly formed in the shape of a Y. I picked it up and held onto it for a good long time. I didn't know why... Only now do I know the Wisdom of that Branch.

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