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This is an exceptional site. It does a lot of things and it takes time to find out exactly what those things are. This should, technically, make it a "problem" site, but the act of discovery is the journey. See words become art, read an online autobiographical story, buy the book and get the newsletter. The section where words play with art is brilliant - it stretches your definition and vision of a word. The site is an experience in design and worth the visit.
A Top 10 Arts and Literature Site

An interactive word art site that is beautiful and entrancing. Each of the 40-odd art-pieces brings a fresh understanding and interesting insight to communication, language and meaning. The work forms part of a Cape Town artist's spiritual journey, and is well worth a visit or, indeed, a few. The autobiographical book A Branch of Wisdom is also available through the site.
Odyssey Magazine

This site in very unusual in the way it combines kinetic/visual work, usually involving language, with a story and also a philosophy. The visual pieces are wonderful in their insight. They open the mind as effortlessly as opening a book. And they come to have a strong sense of the talisman to them, if that is the right word. I mean that they are deeply meaningful and also through the story you can see their place in an evolving person's growth. So that the visual/kinetic pieces are strongly linked with the story, which I appreciate.
Jim Andrews
Internationally renowned New Media artist

All I can say after seeing this site is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never been so profoundly affected and so deeply interested in a site before... Its going to be my personal playground for some time to come! I can relate to SO much of all that it contains. What you do with words is just amazing.

Yolanda McAdam
Web Surfer from Johannesburg

What depth of art can you find in the letters that make our words. Turn everything around and look at it from a new perspective, that's word art.
A GOLD CHOICE web site

A new media project uniting words and image - visual poetry, conceptual art, wordplay, and new age philosophy.
A Top Visual-Poetry Site

Christopher, this is the most amazing pieces of art I have ever seen .... you are truly an artistic genius.
Betty Barry
BRD Engineering

What an imaginative great project you have created! Your website is stunning and fun.
Erika Van Greunen
Kairon Exploring Consciousness Series

Just visited your site. Loved it! I teach speech and drama and also write part-time, so was fascinated by your artistic use of language and meaning
Websurfer from Cape Town

"Love ya work"
Komninos Zervos
Award Winning Cyberpoet and Phd student at the University of Queensland, Australia

THanks to you for this fantastic website which I visited for the first time
tonight..... I suffer from depression too, it is a thumb that presses down hard on the
very core of me. It doesn't respect my love for lively play, it wants to
keep its thumb on me..... You have in spired me with your work al read y happy-ning!
Well done Christopher... to night one of your pictures 'stopped her'
Thank you.
Websurfer from South Africa

An online adventure of mind, body and spirit. Utilising cutting-edge digital art techniques, the author melds Word and Image into an exciting journey of profound insight. Unlike anything you have ever seen!
Link Up Magazine

I have always enjoyed playing with words, so really enjoyed the website - thanks!
Rene Sim
Web surfer from Cape Town

Hey there ......What a mighty talent........!!!!!
Web Surfer from California