- R E V I E W S -

A Branch of Wisdom is a superb narration of a person`s journey in search of many unanswered questions throughout his life. The Author, Christopher takes us through his search in the form of the story of his life firstly in the South African Military, the hospital & midlife. I found this book to be very humorous on the occasions when he describes to the reader in detail of his visions & thereafter the great conspiracy that threatens to stop his quest! Although paranoid schizophrenia is not a laughing matter, Christopher has managed to give the reader a highly humourous, blow-by-blow account of his mission in a manner that enabled the reader to laugh & at the same time actually have a small idea of what a person suffering from this condition goes through.

In the story he is finally treated with therapy and life is relatively normal, he becomes a successful financial broker thereafter, although after a while he becomes depressed & unhappy with the way he lives life. So begins the journey, firstly by spending a lot of time away from his business, being reclusive in this search for understanding.

I found this book to be thought provoking because Christopher actually made me think more deeply about the theories that he was investigating. I never would have analyzed them of my own free thought. To sum this review, I would say that it was humourous!, saddening at times, a well balanced read, & lastly allows one to question, & broaden a person`s normal thought patterns.

- www.bodyandmind.co.za