It has taken me a long time to discover the magic in the events of my life. The clues were always there but they didn't all fall into place immediately. Rather, it was like putting a giant jigsaw puzzle together.

For many years I was looking for answers In the wrong places .In the outside world, the material world of the Western Method. The world of images and appearances, finance and sales techniques. There is very little happiness there. If you scratch a little you always find that it is only skin deep.

It was only when I stopped WANDERING outside, and started WONDERING inside that I discovered insight. Depression robs you of your perspective for life. Science and Reason cannot help. It is only when your inner self, your artistic, intuitive self is rekindled that you can start seeing things from new angles -from creative Points of View.

From these new vantage points I started seeing ways in which I could heal the division. Ways to join opposites: East and West, Up and Down, Inside and Out. I built bridges between concepts and connected POLES that were formerly APART. One just had to find the right Connectors.

I looked at letters and words with a fresh perspective. I discovered that tracing the BRANCHES of various words back to their ROOTS unearthed many profound seeds. What are letters, other than Connectors that hold together words, and words Connectors that hold together meaning, meanings Connectors that hold together Sanity? Letters are the ultimate building blocks of sanity.

The process of artistic creativity has healed most of my wounds. When I am at my most creative I often get a glimpse of that Second Sight I experienced before. The patterns and coincidences - unseen by the normal eye. It inspires me and captivates me. It makes me feel alive and I become entranced in this new paradigm. But it is different now. I have learned to tame the wild madness. I let it lift me gently off the ground. I soar with it to great burning blue heights. But I have learnt to land, to ease the throttles and find the runway.

Sometimes it can happen that the runway disappears for a moment or two, and ghosts of the past rush forward to torment me.... but even then, I will never stop flying.

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