In the beginning there was Division. An almighty schism between Heaven and Earth; East and West; Science and Art; Reason and Intuition. Philosophers had been trying to bridge the gap between mind and matter since the beginning of time, but nobody has ever found the missing link.

The world I found myself in, in the early 1980's, was particularly divided. It was the Bi-Polar era and in Berlin, a 45km long wall stood as a stark divider between the super powers. In my home country, South Africa, the division was even more blatant, being enshrined and enforced by the Apartheid government. It wasn't something new - just another Western culture with superior technology and hidden agendas dominating an ethnic intuitive culture. Always in the name of progress, always for the sake of profit. "Divide and Conquer" Julius Caesar had said, and the Americans split the atom.

Unfortunately the Great Divide didn't stop outside the garden gate. Its ominous cracks spread right through the front door of my family home. My Mother was the Artist. The inner dreamings of the soul were her domain and she spent her days pouring colourful intuitions onto great white canvasses. She was a spontaneous and disorganised individual and cared little for logic or reason.

My Father, on the other hand, was the Scientist - a brilliant Engineer whose Know-How was firmly rooted in technology and efficiency and would never be compromised. He designed factories and meticulously planned WHO was to do WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. He was a champion of the WESTERN METHOD.

My sister and I were caught between these conflicting ideologies and there was no middle ground. The Scientist usually won. Isn't it always that way in our Western World? The survival of the most efficient. Evolution... WHICH life began WHERE, WHEN and HOW... But ask an evolutionist WHY and you'll come up with a stunned silence. For what REASON???? That is the QUEST.

I was to discover that society does not always encourage "why asking". Implicit in any orders or rules, is the understanding that they should not be asked why of. The efficiency of governments, armies and corporations would be severely threatened if people stopped to ask: "Why?" Why goes beyond the masks of reality - it digs for reasons and REASONABLENESS is the core of Western sanity.

I didn't want to go to the South African army in 1983. I tried to escape, But it didn't work and I got swallowed into another horrible division - The First Mechanised Division based in Bloemfontein. Although I survived basic training, I kept my private hatred of the Apartheid government, even when we crossed the Danger line into Angola where G5 cannons spewed their phallic wrath over the African hinterland. A fine line that danger line...

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