"The vast majority of the great philosophers of the West have maintained that there does indeed exist some sort of Absolute, from the Good to God to Geist. That has never seriously been doubted by the vast majority. The burning question rather, has always been this: What is the relation of the absolute One to the world of the relative Many?

And this crucial question has, like many of the most profound questions in Western philosophy, generated a series of utterly intractable difficulties, paradoxes, absurdities. Like the mind/body problem and the question of free will versus determinism, the absolute/relative issue has been a bloody thorn in the side of the Western tradition, a thorn that has utterly refused to either go away or have the good sense to be solved.

And, more intriguingly, all of these central issues - mind/body, mind/brain, free will/fate, absolute/relative, noumenon/phenomena - are, we will see, precisely the same problem.

And they all have precisely the same answer."

- Ken Wilber Eye to Eye


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